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By Steve Owens,

For most women, one of their greatest concerns is how to present themselves through what they are wearing. It’s not just about the dress or pants, though. Their shoes also affect your overall look.

If you’re a woman, then you’re probably one of the millions out there who are in search of the season’s most comfortable but stylish women’s shoes. I am going to recommend four shoes today known for their comfort and style.

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Fashion Sneaker has a sporty yet feminine look. It features a slip-on design with a neutral palette and simple lines. It’s available in numerous types of material: microfiber, faux leather, calf hair, mesh, quilted fabric, herringbone

Dr. Scholl’s Madison Fashion Sneaker

fabric (pictured here), velvet, or jacquard.

This sneaker is primarily designed with the comfort of wearers in mind. Some of the most comfortable features I noticed are the memory foam insole, soft lining and rubber sole and sidewalls.

However, the size runs slightly small, so bear that in mind when picking the size for you. It’s also a bit tight in the toe box but rest assured that this won’t cause too much discomfort.

Reebok Classic Sneaker

Reebok is also one of the best providers of comfortable but stylish footwear. The brand’s Classic Sneaker is retro-inspired, adding to its appeal. It is nylon with high-class suede accents. Its comfort level is excellent, thanks to its cushioned EVA midsole and padded foam sock liner.

The mesh upper, known for its breathability, adds to its comfort. The outsole is durable and provides good traction. One downside: This classic does not have much support inside, but you can fix this issue by adding insoles.

running shoe

Nike Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe

If you are always on the go, the Nike Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe is perfect for you. It comes in a range of great color combinations and conforms to the natural shape of your feet, providing a snug feel. It is also breathable, features a single seam inside the heel, and follows your natural movement.

This is because of its incredibly flexible sole that expands and contracts each time your feet land on the ground. The shoe is lightweight, too, but it lacks arch support, which you would probably want to add via insoles.

Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-Ons

Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe has a lightweight Resalyte cushioning instead of EVA foam. Resalyte has memory form fit design, which gives this shoe a big advantage, comfort-wise.

This lightweight shoe also has a synthetic sole, plus a flex comfort outsole. It features independent circular sensors, which are helpful in providing more feedback and flexibility. The comfort and durability of the shoe do not sacrifice style, though. It comes in a wide range of colors – including bright ones – and its decorative stitching adds a nice touch.

Customers say that this shoe is stiff to wear at first, but that will pass when you break it in.

Steve Owen is the founder of He loves to learn and write about protecting your feet. His goal is to share his knowledge on shoe and foot care.

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