D monogramThanks to Hollywood, when people picture California, they picture the Pacific shoreline, sandy beaches, palm trees, and celebrities. But California is so much more than that So-Cal image. We have arid deserts, huge lumbering pines, snowy ragged peaks, and fertile plains-like farmland. California is like a miniature United States, all jam-packed into one little (OK, not-so-little) state. And Fresno and its surrounding county is pretty much smack-dab in the middle.

When people hear “Fresno,” they don’t immediately think of a hotbed of cosmopolitan culture or creativity.  But people would be very, very wrong. Fresno is a very large place. It’s the fifth largest city in CA, right behind San Francisco. There are so many cool, artistic, talented people there!

And Margot and I discovered the coolest, most welcoming, and most creative bunch Fresno has to offer back in September (2016) at the Fresno FiberArts Guild where Sassy Feet was lucky enough to teach a two-day workshop. I’d love to share the myriad of pictures I took of the fantastic creations we were lucky enough to assist these ladies in making.

Some of Sassy Feet!’s examples and products

I owe this terrific group a huge apology for taking so long to write about them! We have been slacking on our blog posts recently, but these talented peeps deserve top-notch praise and promotion. If you are a wearable artist who travels teaching at various art guilds, DON’T OVERLOOK FRESNO! They were an absolute joy to work with. Thank you so much, ladies of the Fresno FiberArts Guild!

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