D monogramBack in September 2016, Margot and I taught a super-fun, lively DIY Shoe (and Handbag) Workshop full of exceptionally talented and enthusiastic ladies from The Fresno FiberArts Guild. (I blogged about the class on March 8.)  It was two full days of fun, inspiration, and creativity. Many women brought the usual assortment of handbags or shoes to upcycle. But one woman, Nancy, brought in her khaki hiking hat with the intention of giving it some pizzazz.

Sadly, I don’t have “before” photos of Nancy’s hat, but if you picture the whole hat the color of the khaki you can still see in the second photo, you’ll get the picture.  I think the “after” shots speak for themselves.

Because the hat was fabric, no prepping (or sealing) was necessary. As to the paints, if my memory serves me, Nancy used Crimson for the edge of the brim and the piping around the crown, Metallic Bronze for the upper side of the brim, Metallic Russet for the underside, and Halo Violet Gold for the band. She stitched on two unusual ribbon roses that she brought with her as embellishments. We used those when helping her select paint colors, and I think they bring everything together very nicely. Plus, a paper towel holder makes a darn near ideal hat rack for photographic purposes!

Nancy didn’t get a chance to finish the hat in class, and sent us the pictures later. They were accompanied with the sweetest note, which read, “Soooo enjoyed our workshop. Looking forward to more adventures in creativity land. You two are truly inspirational. Thanks again.”

We sooo enjoyed working with you too, Nancy. No one has ever brought a hiking hat to one of our classes before. You positively transformed it!

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