d monogramAs most long time readers know, we LOOOOOVE glitter. The problem with most glitter, as we all know, is that 99% of the time it sloughs off whatever it’s applied to and becomes a permanent element embedded in our carpets and kitchen counters. We do not love that.

So, we decided to fix the problem and created our own product, Glitter It! Glaze, that makes applying glitter to shoes, handbags, or clothing a breeze- and PERMANENT. No cracking. No shedding. No peeling. No sparkly bits inside your washer or all over your everything.

As a result, we get a lot of emails from folks who attempted to glitter their shoes following the instructions from a certain decoupage company (cough-Mod-Podge-cough) and found that the glitter cracked and peeled after only one wear. This is because Mod Podge is NOT, I repeat NOT, flexible and will not adhere to shoes, which ARE flexible. As soon as the shoe bends (that is, every time you take a step), it will fracture the hard shell created by the decoupage medium.

Like many others, Kevin, a Daft Punk (an electronic music duo from France) cosplayer, emailed us for advice on how to permanently glitter his boots. His first email said:

Hello, I need some advice.

I’m a prop and costume maker. One of my favorite duos is Daft Punk. I’ve made many of their costumes to be on the level of originals. However I cannot figure out a way to do their glitter boots, and have it be long lasting.

The first time I tried, I used Mod Podge and after a day for walking, it started to crack and peel.

I remade the boots using a spray adhesive and superfine glitter. Then in the creases, the finish started rubbing off and the glitter began falling off. I tried sealing the glitter, but it didn’t help — and it ruined the finish.

I figured I’d ask someone with far more experience.

Thank you, Kevin

Daft Punk Cosplay

Left and middle: Kevin’s Daft Punk costumes. Right: Actual photo of Daft Punk

daft before

Kevin’s first attempt with another product.

Based on the images Kevin shared, I suggested the colors Gleaming Gunmetal and Starlet. He had already purchased two colors of Martha Stewart’s Glitter that he wanted to use, so I suggested he get a jar of Glitter It! Glaze base. That way he could use the glitter he already had. After a few emails back and forth, I set Kevin up with all he needed to glitter his boots: Glitter It! Glaze base, Sassy Feet! Sealer, and a packet of brushes. I also included a link to our free Glitter It! YouTube tutorial that explains and demos the entire process, start to finish.

Shortly afterward, we received some photos from Kevin of his final boots and complete costumes. He was a happy guy!

I have to say, I’d never be able to tell Kevin and his buddy apart from Daft Punk even if they were side by side! Well done!!


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