Convertible fringed boots

Margot Silk ForrestI have a friend who is absolutely fearless in her use of materials and supplies to create jewelry and clothing. For example. Leanne re-colors metal earrings with nail polish, and she paints dryer sheets so she can applique them onto clothing.
Here are some photos of one of her projects that started with a pair of black suede knee-high boots and ended up being 2+ pairs. Leanne wanted to add colorful long fringe to the top of the boots, but not be limited to wearing them with only the one color of fringe. That meant the fringe would need to be removable.
So she called up her favorite DIY shoe person (me) and I suggested using snap tape to attach and remove the fringe(s). She could glue the tape to the back of the fringe and the right side of the boot, just underneath the overhanging cuff at the top.
Leanne tells the story of how she did this in photos — she’s quite a good photographer! One note: She used Fabri-Tac glue to attach the snap tape to the boot and to the top of the fringe, and later used the same glue to attach snap tape to the the satin tape on which turquoise feathers were mounted.
Leanne says snap tape is about $7 – $8 for each set and she did need several sets of the 17.5” long tape.
fringe for boots
 The photos of her next two ideas are mock-ups at this point—adding feathers to the turquoise so there is a double layer of fun stuff. “I could practically could pin on the feather tape and basting it would be easy,” she says.
“Also,” she continues, “the blue beads on the just the front section of the boot are what I’m thinking of to match a beaded jacket for a special occasion.  The advantage of the snap tape is you can use just a section, and not have to go all the way around the top of boot.”
fringed feathered boots
P.S. Many thanks to the talented Leilani Bennett for making the beautiful jacket at the very top right of this post. To talk with Leilani about her custom wearable art, contact her at
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