d monogramHello all! After a very strong beginning to 2016 of consistent blogging, we sort of … stopped. The hiatus wasn’t intentional, but these things happen sometimes. We are on a mission to fix it! And to start things off, I’d like to share a wonderful pair of espadrilles created by Jill in Australia. It may not be sandal weather in the Northern Hemisphere anymore, but summer has almost arrived down under!


Jill started with a cream-colored pair of vintage espadrilles, Pale Gold Glitter It! Glaze, Antique Gold Glitter It! Glaze, Crushed Crystal Glitter It! Glaze, a bottle of Brass paint, and a fan brush.  Jill sent us an email asking if she could mix different shades of  Glitter It! Glaze to create a custom color. The answer is YES! (See this post where another Sassy Feet fan did this).


Jill started with one coat of Brass paint, which acts as an priming undercoat (her espadrilles are fabric, so there was no need to prep before painting). This makes the surface of the shoe similar enough in color to keep you from needing a million coats of Glitter It! Glaze to change the shoe’s color from cream to gold. Jill created her own color of Glitter It by mixing 50% Antique Gold and 50% Pale Gold. (We had advised her to omit the Crushed Crystal from her mixture as it wouldn’t have a lot of effect when combined with those golds. On it’s own, though, it’s a fabulous color!)


As a final touch, Jill laced them with some shiny, metallic gold ribbons and voila! Look at the fantastic finished product! Those espadrilles are wonderful, Jill!

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