Margot Silk ForrestAccording to the industry publication Footwear NewsOprah Winfrey shucked her black peep-toe Christian Louboutin heels Monday night after attending a benefit in NYC for the Robin Hood Foundation. In the car on the way back to her hotel, she slipped into a pair of beige suede moccasins. Press photographers caught her mid-moccasin (click the Oprah link above to see them), and I have to say, they weren’t the most flattering shoes she’s ever worn….

Mocs needn’t be so bland, though. Take a look at some of ours!

To read how I created these, go take a look at Glittered Moccasins: Liberace Meets Pocahontas. These would have looked great with the dress Oprah was wearing Monday night.


Painted moccasins

Suede Minnetonka moccasins painted with multiple coats (to get in all the crevices) of Lumiere’s Pewter

For the original blog post on how I created these, see Thoroughly Modern Moccasins.


Dyeing suede

For the how-to blog post on these truly PURPLE mocs, see Dyeing Suede for a Quick & Easy Color Change.

Now, whoever has Oprah’s email address, please send her the link to this post!

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