bare trap sandals collage

Now that I have been painting shoes for ten years, I’ve finally stopped shopping for them by color. Spending a lifetime purchasing shoes in colors that the fashion marketers think I want is a difficult habit to break. As spring approached this year, I remembered an old pair of super comfy Bare Traps sandals I used to have in black leather. I loved them so much, I wore them until the toe thong gave out!

So when I wanted another pair, this time for summer, I went online and found a “cousin,” a version in nylon and smooth faux leather. They were in beige (not a color that interests me), but as I said, I ignore “pre-packaged” shoe colors now.

IMG_2317-001I ordered them — for less than $26 — and when they arrived, I got out my Lumiere paints and chose Pearl Blue. One of the cool features of the Metallic and Pearl colors in the Lumiere line of paints is that they give you different effects when applied to fabric vs. smooth leather.

Since fabric is absorbent, all of the little “flecks” in those paints which create the metallic and pearl finish, stay closer to the surface and look brighter because of all the light they reflect. Leather is not absorbent, so the flecks stay evenly distributed in the paint which makes the color richer and more uniform. So, without doing anything extra or fancy, I can have a subtle two-toned effect on my sandals with one color of paint.

(The fabric part of the sandals took a couple of extra coats, because the paint sinks in.)

After everything was dry, I applied Sassy Feet Sealer to the leather only. Actually, I used a couple coats of the sealer to give the leather a patent look and add a touch more contrast. You don’t need to apply Sassy Feet Sealer to the fabric on shoes.

This project was the perfect way to prepare for Spring!

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