D monogramWhen some people start a new craft, they like to read and research before they consider dipping a toe in the water. Some like to amass all the tools they might possibly need before taking the plunge. And others discover something cool and immediately dive right into the pool.

Today’s FanShoesFriday star, Lynn from Canada, is definitely the third type! Lynn was going to be attending a country chic wedding last July, so she ordered her supplies and started painting the moment they arrived! Check out her wonderful project and the description she included with her photos.

Lynns Country Chick Boots

I am enclosing a few pictures of a pair of cowboy boots, and western purse that are now completed. I have a country chic wedding to go to on July fourth. I am a bit of a vintage freak and will be wearing a pearl blue embossed sleeveless ballerina length gown. I will also be wearing my freshly painted vintage cowboy boots and a felted little shoulder wrap I made in burgundies to go with the boots. A note about the “before” pictures (top row): I started painting…before I remembered to snap a picture.
Thanks again for your help. I love these paints!
Lynn used Pearl Blue, Metallic Rust, and Crimson. Then, sealed everything with Sassy Feet! Sealer. What beautifully executed pieces! We love what you created, Lynn!
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