d monogramHappy FanShoesFriday, everyone! Today’s story is about Deborah B. Deborah originally contacted Sassy Feet to commission three pairs of shoes. She wasn’t ready to take the plunge on her own quite yet.

Deborah's Commissions

The first was a a pair of Doc Marten’s creepers, that had a faded lemony yellow on the tongue and top of the toe. We changed it to a a bright patented white by using Neopaque White and many, many coats of Sassy Feet Sealer. The second pair of shoes were aqua colored oxfords that we painted with a custom color I  mixed using Sunset Gold and Bronze. The third was a very high end pair of French patent leather shoes, Robert Clergerie’s Wilma Wingtips, that were to become a custom metallic sky blue I made by mixing Pearl White and Pearl Blue. They were so well made, they would NOT paint. We tried sanding, and alcohol, and acetone, and one other noxious solvent, and the paint would not stick. But, we mailed her the jar of sky metallic blue with her other shoes, just in case she ever decided to try for herself.

Deborahs BlueShe did! She writes, “Well, I loved that blue you mixed so well that I broke down, bought some brushes for painting dolls (really small brushes) so I would minimize my mistakes, and painted a pair of my shoes. I LOVE THEM. I took some photos for you. The two photos taken outside most accurately reflect the color. The inside photo is close.”

Deborahs GreenBut, she didn’t stop there! She sent pictures of a pair of green shoes she painted as well. She writes, “I also painted a pair of shoes I bought on eBay. They’re made by Attilio Giusti Leombruni (AGL), which is a really expensive line of shoes made in Italy, but this person apparently got them cheap from Nordstrom Rack and has them for only $30. The brown fabric looks weird, which is probably why they’ve been on eBay for over a year. I painted them with Lumiere Citrine, which I mixed with Jacquard Pearl Ex Spring Green. They are my other favorite pair of shoes. I purposefully did a light layer with some of the brown showing through because I didn’t want them to be too vivid of a green. The first photo shows the color really well. The second one, with one of the shoes at an angle, isn’t as accurate. I super love these also. The color reminds me of a reptile green, which I really love. These shoes were a lot easier to paint than the blue one. With the fabric of the AGL shoes, the paint went on easily.”

I love it when someone goes from being afraid to paint a pair of shoes to painting more than one pair! It really is easier than it looks, so if you’re an admirer but hesitant to try your hand at it yourself – Try it! You’ll love it!

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