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Destiny Carter (top left) and Margot Silk Forrest (top right) are the crazy ladies behind Sassy Feet

So maybe we haven’t done exactly 10,000 shoes… but Destiny and I are pretty excited today – it is Sassy Feet’s 10th anniversary – and we’ve come a long way from just being a cool idea and a cool name. Now we are a book, a website, an online store with 36 colors of leather paint, some online video classes, and a product we invented, Glitter It! Glaze, which will add PERMANENT, NON-CRACKING glitter — in your choice of 20 colors – to  shoes, bags and clothing.

Glitter It Glaze colors

Just some of the shoes we’ve covered with one coat of paint followed by two coats of Glitter It Glaze.

We have also written and photographed more than 250 blog posts, starting in Feb 2009, NONE of which is about illness, cooking, or politics. Just all practical stuff on creating sassy shoes and bags, all the time. And, not to toot our our own horn too loudly, we have over 200 customer reviews all with 5-star ratings (except for the seven that are 4-star). That’s it: No 1-star, 2-star, or 3-star!

Sassy Feet articles in Altered Couture

We are especially proud to have had more than 25 how-to articles published in Altered Couture magazine, all of which you can read on the Sassy Feet Press Page. In our spare time (besides holding down fulltime jobs), Destiny and I have taught classes or given lectures 45 times, and had our work in eight shows, including three big ones!

Painting vintage leather

Destiny tries her hand at painting a vintage cosmetic case.

I can’t begin to count the number of shoes and bags we have painted, dyed, stamped, sponged, collaged, embellished, and covered with fabric. We have also painted a leather couch, a leather club chair, several briefcases, decorative zippers, and a fair number of t-shirts.

Painted chair

Club chair painted in Crimson and Copper

Not to mention all the shoes, bags and pieces of clothing we have covered or highlighted with our own Glitter It! Glaze, which will survive years of washing and drying.

Embellished Crocs

Crocs tied with ribbon and colored jingle bells

Not all of our efforts have worked, however. Take the time I was determined to paint a pair of Crocs. I tried every primer known to my local hardware store, but none of it would enable a coat of Lumiere paint to stick to that weird Crocky surface. Luckily, Crocs pretty much went out of style. When they came back, I figured out how to stitch or glue fabric and embellishments onto them.

Sneakers tied with chains

It took me THREE tries to get these chains to stay on my glittered hightops.

That’s how it works around here. Destiny is our lead designer, and I’m our mad scientist. I dream up all these weird things we might do with shoes or bags, like color the soles of sneakers or hang a chainmail curtain around a pair of platform heels, then I have to figure out how to actually make them work. This can involve a lot of failed attempts and mild cursing.

Paisley painted wedges

Destiny’s “Perfectly Paisley” wedges

Destiny, however, simply has to have an idea and she sits down and paints the image on the shoe or the bag or the t-shirt. In less than an hour. Often in less than a half hour. I don’t hate her for this, though it’s tempting. We also answer every email we get with questions about painting shoes and bags. Every. Single. One.

You all help us immensely! We get great ideas from the folks who write us, and when we aren’t too lazy, we put photos of their shoes and bags on our blog.

In fact, to battle our temptation to laziness, we are going to declare every other Friday “Fan Day” on our blog and post the pictures you all have been sending us of the things you’ve created. (If you send us pics, PLEASE send a before pic and please be sure the photo is sharp.)

Sassy Feet painted shoes and bags

So, happy birthday to us and happy shoe-transforming to you! Stick around for more Sassy Feet adventures in the year — make that the years — to come!

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