d monogramMichelle's OxfordsIt’s time for another Fan Shoes Friday! Upcycle garment artist, Michelle Paganini of Paganoonoo, shared with us (and blogged about) turning a pair of oxford from *yawn* to Y-E-S! I’m going to share her words here:

I transformed a pair of plainish oxfords into silver wonders!   These oxfords from Born are very comfortable but I thought a bit plain.

A member of my wearable art guild, PenWAG, wrote a book called Sassy Feet about painting leather shoes and purses.  Margot Silk Forrest has brought examples into our meetings and I’ve always been impressed.

I thought I’d try my hand at painting these oxfords.  I used two tones of silver paint.  Lighter (Metallic Silver) on the sides and darker (Pewter) on the tips and uppers.  It takes 5+ thin layers to provide good cover.  They really look great.

I wore them on my trip to New York and I was stopped a number of times by people who loved the color.  They are a bit flashy but in a subtle way.

Next, a pair of red and cream.   And I’m thinking a pair of teal and cream would be cool too.

I may buy a gross, paint them in every color, and make them a trademark fashion staple.

Personally, I adore mixing Metallic Silver and Pewter together.

Great choice, Michelle!

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