D monogramIt’s a whole new year, Sassy fans! Sassy Feet! is saying “good-bye,” to a very stressful, difficult 2015, and “hello!” to a new year full of potential. One of our missions in 2016 is to start a new blog series, Fan Shoes Friday, which will feature the creations we receive in our inbox from you all. We have a little bit of catching up to do, so I won’t waste any more time!

Dana Outfit

The left photo shows the front of Dana’s dress, the right shows the view from the back.

Talented sewing maven, Judi S., created this outfit for her 11-year-old granddaughter, Dana, to wear in PenWAG‘s ArtWear Runway Show. Dana helped Judi design the outfit and the applique, which is an abstract butterfly.

Dana's ShoesDana's DollJudi covered Dana’s shoes in the same fabric as the applique using our Fabri-Kit! The Sassy Feet Fabri-Kit includes two detailed tutorials on covering shoes with fabric, a bottle of the clear-drying flexible glue, a mini silicone gluing and craft mat, six mini-clamps, and tailor’s chalk for marking fabric before you cut.

The coolest elements of this project? The fact that Dana strutted proudly down the catwalk in her outfit. And, Dana’s American Girl doll, Saige, has her own copy of the same outfit, made by Judi!

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