Margot Silk Forrest I don’t remember where I first saw this ad with rapper/musician/Grammy-award-winner Pharrell Williams holding this BEAUTIFUL pair of blue blue blue blue boots…. but I do know that I had to have them!

Boots for painting

So I Googled…. And discovered that these boots were a limited edition of a collaboration of Timberland boots and Billionaire Boys Club. The edition sold out, I learned, but you can still buy them on eBay, if you have the $$$$$.

price of blue boots


I started with an inexpensive pair of hiking boots from Payless, but you can find similar boots at Target and other less-pricey outlets. Since they are made of faux suede, which means they are actually made of fabric, there’s no need to prep the surface.

Blue hiking boots-004 resized

Just get out your brushes and paints and go! There are several blues you could choose from: Indigo, Pearl Blue, and Neopaque Blue. I chose Indigo, which is the darkest of the three. One bottle did the job; it took two coats.

Blog pix AVAILABLE21

The second step was to tint the soles from a tan color to blue, so I brushed and dabbed on Staz-On stamping ink in Ultramarine. I wore protective gloves when I did this so I didn’t stain my hands. Takes days for it to wear off! It took 2 coats plus some touchups.

blue boot explained


Finally, two crowning touches, the gorgeous royal blue laces, which I purchased, and the silver shoelace tips, which I also purchased.

This was a VERY easy project and lots of fun. All I need now is cool weather so I can wear them!

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