DIf you’ve been a faithful reader of our blog, you know that Margot and I really love showing off pictures of wearable art projects that are sent to us by our “fans.” The pictures come from all different types of artists, from first time DIY accessory painters to experienced artisans.

Vickie S. is a watercolor artist from Michigan and has been featured in a few of our fan blogs (like this one, this one, and this one). I’m ashamed to say that while I was cleaning out my email this morning, I discovered two handbags she had created and sent us pictures of in December … of TWO THOUSAND THIRTEEN … that I had not shared. I’d like to take this moment to apologize to the extremely talented Vickie, as well as all of you. Without further ado, here they are.

The first is a beautiful aqua bag with a rose motif. Her description is below the pictures (which show both sides of the bag). She writes:

051-Vickie S Rose Bag

“This bag is made of manmade leather, so I prepped it with acetone. First I painted stripes on the one side with Neopaque Black along the top in between the stitching, then rolled on, with a hard brayer, a mix of Neopaque colors to get the gray/white under painting. Then I used Citrine Lumiere for the grid pattern, and  after that layer was dry I used Lumiere in Burgundy and Pearlescent Magenta for the rose (I drew it first with water soluble pencil), which I did in two coats. I used Lumiere Metallic Olive for the leaves with some Citrine for highlights.  Then I drew petals into it with a Sharpie in a continuous-line fashion.

“I used the edge of a piece of torn watercolor paper to make the Burgundy outline of the rectangle. Then I went back and detailed the design with dots and stripes, also using the Sharpie. Finally, I did some paint spatters (Pearlescent Magenta) for a looser effect using a small round brush and some of the paint thinned out with water.

“I let it dry overnight and then sealed it. The back side is done in the same process except I wanted it to be more abstract so I played with the grid pattern and the dots and stripes, leaving off the rose.  The bag already was aqua and had a great black and white striped lining with some pockets in it.”

The next of Vickie’s two forgotten wonders is this stunning wolf bag, which she painted freehand:

051-Vickie S Wolf Bag

“It began as an older “travelon’ organizer” crossbody leather bag. I own a couple of them, therefore the one pic shows a before picture of a purple one, but it’s the exact same bag, I just forgot to photograph the navy one before I began painting it.

“I cleaned the bag with alcohol, then used two coats of Lumiere Indigo (LUV this color) on the entire bag.

“First I had to draw the outline of a wolf’s head in water-soluble soft graphite pencil (like 6B), then I filled that area in with Lumiere Pearl White. Then I mixed the Indigo, a touch of Neopaque Black with Pearl White for the gray, and tried to keep it on the blue side so it did not look dead in color. Eyes were drawn and redrawn and then painted with some Neopaque Yellow, and some Burnt Orange Lumiere, with a touch of Neopaque Blue to get a slight green that would come thru while the yellow was still damp.

“The pupil is Neopaque Black, of course, and so is the outer rim of the eyes. I used a lot of water-soluble graphite pencil for the shading and values first to get an idea of what sections were what values.  This sort of graphite is soft and doesn’t disturb the paint or dent it. It merely wipes off with water or mixes into the paint without a big issue.

“I found the medallion (in upper left corner of the photo at lower right), at — of all places — our local Walmart store. The skinny leather came from there, too. I then secured the medallion with the leather and wrapped the section of the handle leading up to the black handle with the leather strips.  The idea was for the leather to look rugged against the shiny round accent medallion, and I liked it the way it looked against the Indigo and the gray-blue in the wolf.

“I then turned [the bag] over and did a Pearl White circle with a ‘wolf paw print’ in Indigo inside the circle, and gave it Black claws.  All sealed and finished!”

Thank you, Vickie, for sharing your amazing creations with us. They are true pieces of art. I hope my tardiness in sharing them won’t stop you from sending us more pictures of all the wonderful things you are creating!
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