Painted shoes in Altered Couture magazine

Big initial M In addition to the article on painted zippers that I had in the most recent issue of Altered Couture magazine (see my previous blog post), two pairs of my sponge-painted shoes were featured.

One is a pair of pale pink and pale green sandals I created (using a sea sponge) at the last minute to wear to an Artwear fashion show. The other is a pair of  black sneakers that have zingy colors of Lumiere paint applied with a cosmetic sponge.

These are VERY easy techniques to use and the results are quite amazing. One hint: If you think you’ve overdone it with the sponging in a particular area, just sponge on some of the original background color and try again.

Both of these articles are now on our “As Seen In” press page. Previews of the shoes are below. Enjoy!

sponge-painted sandals

Sponge-painted sneakers

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