Big initial M So there I was, paging lazily through the Los Angeles Times’ Spring Fashion section when I came across an article called HIPPIE HOORAY: Flair from ’70s fashion finds its way to stores.”

It celebrated all things denim (especially embroidered denim), accessories decorated with flower-child-like flowers, tees with slogans on them, and psychedelic colors.

Distressed jeans created with paint

These jeans from the Rialto Jeans Project cost $245. Find yourself a pair of Seventies bell bottoms and do them yourself with your leftover Lumiere and Neopaque shoe paints!

One of the pairs of jeans in the article caught my eye because they reminded me so strongly of a pair that a Sassy Feet fan sent in awhile back. (Click that link to learn how he did them.)

Jeans painted with shoe paint

The effect of Lumiere and Neopaque rubbed onto jeans belonging to a very tall Sassy Feet fan!

Now, the photos of these jeans aren’t as pretty, but you can bet that the jeans are gorgeous. Maybe even more so. And they didn’t cost $245.

So give it a try. All you need is a pair of clean jeans, your leftover shoe paints, a large stiff brush or a sponge (tips on sponging here), and a few tools for making smaller splatters.(Read about how to splatter in this blog post from Destiny.)

After painting, iron the painted areas (paint side uppermost — it won’t hurt your iron) on the cotton setting for 30 seconds each, then wash inside out. After one or two washings, the stiffness apparent right after painting will turn nice and soft.

P.S. If you Google “Rialto Jeans Project,” you’ll find several other examples of their splattered jeans, all of which are one of a kind. Just like your jeans will be!

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