DOne of the things we pride ourselves on is our quick response time on emails sent by people who want to know details on our products, or the best ways to achieve the design of their dreams. Usually we respond within 24 hours, but often it’s even quicker than that. We received a sassy question a few days ago about a pair of uninspiring work boots that I want to share here:

painting a houndstooth patternI have to wear steel toed shoes for work and I am tired of the very dull boots that I wear.  I want something fun and pretty! Have you guys ever done anything like houndstooth?  I would love to wear a pair of houndstooth boots to the plant some day and it is virtually impossible to get them.  Any suggestions?  Plaids and paisley are nice too.  Or leopard print!  The possibilities are endless if only I could figure out how to do it.
My response:

Kelly I love how you think! Just because something is required for work, doesn’t mean it can’t also be completely incredible. I’m going to include a few links to various blogs we have done in the past with cool patterns on shoes. This will give you some ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

First: I painted a quasi-paisley design on some cork wedges. It takes patience to sketch the design, paint all the areas, and then do the black outlining last. If you don’t mind detailed painting, it gives you a very cool result. Check them out here –

Second: Margot recreated a zebra print on a pair of simple slip-ons by printing out a zebra pattern from the Internet, looking at it as she painted the lines, then touching up her boo-boos. This is a much less labor-intensive route to go!

Third: Here’s a design that showed up in our email one day. (We encourage anyone who tries this craft to send us pics of their finished creations.) A Sassy Feet fan named Julie sent us great photos of some very plain Nubuck lace-up shoes that she painted with leopard spots. It’s probably the best leopard makeover I’ve ever seen in my seven years doing Sassy Feet!

Glitter on hiking boots

Gaby’s glittered hiking boots

Fourth: You didn’t mention glitter, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. We have a product we created called Glitter It! Glaze. Once it’s applied and has dried, it does not crack, peel, or shed. You can only find it at our online store. It comes in a lot of beautiful colors and is a very, very simple way to make a statement.

If you are interested in something this outrageous for your work boots, watch our free how-to video, which shows you the entire process. Check it out here:

196-glitter palette - Feb 2015

Lastly, I’m a big fan of painting designs on shoes, myself, but I have never done houndstooth. I think as a painted design it would be a perfectionist’s nightmare! I don’t know how successful I would be at painting a crisp, precise, geometric design on a rounded object like a shoe. There IS a way to put a houndstooth pattern on your work boots, however.

We have a kit in our online store for covering shoes with fabric. You could find a nice, tightly woven quilting cotton in a houndstooth pattern and cover the toe of your boots (or even toe and heel), and then paint the rest a solid color — and not necessarily black!

Kelly, I know that’s a lot of links, but check them out and see what you think. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to answer.
Nothing pleases me more when I “meet” someone who wants to express their own style, personality, and voice in what they wear. You go, Kelly! I can’t wait to see what you choose to do with those boots.
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