Big initial M You know those stunts they do on TV where there is a little trailer across the bottom that reads, “Don’t try this at home”? That’s what I should put on this post. I am going to show you some shoes I created using a product I KNEW wasn’t the greatest, but still haven’t found a substitute for. Read on.

Merion woods cropped

I grew up in eastern Pennsylvania on what was left of a big old farm, complete with cowshed, grist mill remains, waterfall and acres of woods. Every free moment I got was spent in those woods. As you can imagine, I played “indians” a lot and was a lover of moccasins long before my hippie days in the late 60s.

Moccasins before adding glitterI bought a pair of mocs on ebay a while back and showed you how beautifully they turned out when I painted them with Lumiere’s Pewter. The other day, I decided it was time to make a second pair. I found another pair — this time new ones — on ebay and began to sort through all my paint chips.

Unfortunately, what was stuck in my mind was black glitter. Like the kind of mocs you would wear with a a tux….

Destiny and I have not yet found a black glitter that we think sparkles enough to add to our line of Glitter It! Glaze, so I had to turn to Angelus’s Black “Glitterlites.”

Glittered shoes

At left, our Glitter It! Glaze in Antique Gold: sparkly and fairly smooth. At right, Angelus’s much chunkier Glitterlites in black

Now, I like Angelus leather paints, though they take a lot more time to work with (many more coats, longer drying time), which is why we don’t carry them in our store. But I think their Glitterlites line has some issues. (See our blog from last year about using it.) However, their black IS sparkly, so I decided to live with it being a little too chunky and shedding a bit.

Margot's black glittered mocs pair resized

First I painted the deerskin-colored moccasins with Neopaque Black. (It doesn’t work to try to use glitter — ours or Angelus’s — to change the color of your shoes or bag. You have to paint it first.) Then I spread on the black Glitterlite. (It’s so thick, it would be a misnomer to say I brushed it on.) It took 2+ coats, which is the same as our Glitter It! Glaze takes. Then I sealed the glitter with our Sassy Feet sealer for extra shine.

Even if the black glitter wasn’t perfect, I am very happy with my Liberace-Meets-Pocahantas  moccasins. They sparkle, even if they do shed a bit. In the meantime, Destiny and I will continue our quest for a really sparkly, really black black black glitter to add to our Glitter It! line.

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