DHave you ever been sitting at home, wishing you could escape to the crystal blue shores of the Caribbean Sea?  Us too.

It’s very possible one of those daydreams was the inspiration for our new Glitter It! Glaze color, Caribbean Blue. There was something about the glittering, cool blue that made Margot want to paint it on things immediately. She grabbed a pair of sandals that spoke of summer, and off she went.

Here are the results!

TOP: Before.  MIDDLE: One Coat of Neopaque.  BOTTOM: Caribbean Blue Glitter It!

TOP: Before.  MIDDLE: After One Coat of Neopaque Turquoise. BOTTOM: After Applying Caribbean Blue Glitter It!

Permanent Glitter for Shoes

Lots of warm-water blue and lots of sparkle! The insole is painted with Pearl Turquoise. Click the pic to see the glitter up close.

Caribbean Blue Glitter for Shoes

You can use this shade of Glitter It! over Neopaque Turquoise (L) or, for a slightly deeper color, over Neopaque Blue (R)

Permanent glitter for shoes

We’ve added Caribbean Blue to our selection in our online store. Now there are three blues to choose from.

And in case you assumed that Glitter It! was just for shoes….

Painting and glittering a glasses case

This was a fabric-covered eyeglasses case that we painted Neopaque Turquoise, then glittered. The polka dots inside are Lumiere’s Pearl Turquoise.

COMING LATER THIS WEEK –– Our detailed YouTube video on how to get fabulous results using our Glitter It! Glaze.

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