DIt was a quiet morning, early in November when Margot received an email. In this email was a link to a blog called WhimsyCalls by Toby Baker. Toby had received her order from our online store, blogged about her experience and creations, and sent us the link.

When Margot opened it, her exact response was, ” WOW WOW WOW” and she sent it on to me. My response was similar to hers, but probably included some expletives of amazement, too. We were so blown away by what Toby had done, we wanted to share it here.

With Toby’s permission, I’m going to include a couple photos, her introduction, and the link to full post below. Be sure to visit, read, comment, and share her enthusiastically fabulous blog post!


Nothing a little paint can’t fix…

by Toby Baker of Whimsy Calls

Oh, my, have I been having some fun lately.

It all started when I came across this very comfortable pair of white leather loafers at the end-of-summer sale at Marshall’s.  I already had a pair of comfortable white leather loafers and walked away.

It wasn’t until I was driving home that I thought, But, what if I PAINTED them? The next time I had a free moment I googled “shoe painting” and sure ‘nuf–there’s quite a world out there of which I was unaware!!

I clicked on a You Tube video and as I watched this woman paint a shoe I was HOOKED!

I didn’t need to go further so can only recommend this book, Sassy Feet, by Margot Silk Forrest and Destiny Carter.  (You’ll love their You Tube “how-to” video and the website,  I ordered the paint and the brushes they recommended and couldn’t wait to begin!

I LOVE shoes!!  I really do.  I love shopping for them, wearing them, looking at them and even giving them away when I’m ready to say goodbye to them. I have shoes for all occasions, boots for all weather conditions, sandals for hot summer days and slippers for snug winter nights.  It’s a wonderful world of shoes out there–and, it just got more colorful for me!!

Read the full blog here.

In her blog post she chronicles her adventures creating not, one, not two, but FIVE pairs of shoes. And, all five pairs look amazing!  Thank you, Toby, for generously inspiring Margot and me, and graciously allowing us to share this with our readers, too. Keep on painting (and sending pics)!

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