Gucci Nouveau Python Cluth

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An astrologer once told me that my soul sign was Aries, which meant my soul color was red. This made sense to me because it’s a color I’ve always loved. Blue was my favorite when I was younger, then it morphed into purple, and now it’s edging toward the color in our Metallic Olive Green paint. But red was there all along.

So, of course, when I spotted this RED RED RED snakeskin purse (above) somewhere — a magazine? — I had to know more about it. Turns out, it’s a Gucci Nouveau Python Clutch, which goes for $2,700, if you could afford it — and if you could find it at any one of the 451 retailers who stock it. Apparently it’s sold out.

I decided to save myself the frustration and create my own version.

Faux python clutch before painting

I started with an el cheapo thrift store version in manmade leather embossed with a python pattern. It was truly unremarkable, except for the python imprint.

painting the clutch red

red faux python rubbed with black

I started by mixing a scarlet red using Neopaque Red and the tiniest amount Black. (Just a little black goes a LONG way.), then I painted all the white areas red. When that was fully dry, I took a scrap of fabric and started rubbing a little Neopaque Black over the scales, especially the texture where the smaller “scales” were, as on the Gucci bag.

Frankly, this is a hit-or-miss process. I did a little at a time, then stopped. Then did a little more. Along the way, the bag can look terrible. You have to trust that it will look great when you’re done. If you get too much black on it, you can rub some red over it, too. When I was satisfied I’d gone far enough, I applied three coats of Sassy Feet Sealer for extra shine.

Painted clutch with beaded glass fringe

Then I used Fabri-Tac to glue down the beaded glass fringe I showed you in our last post, Creating a Special Embellishment.

painted python clutch

Finally, I stitched on the embellishment that was our topic last week. I have to admit, the effect is stunning!

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