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One of the very best things about creating so many upcycled shoes and bags is that we get to add to and play with our stash! Pictured above are some of our trays of beads, buttons, stampings, rings, charms, old keys, washers, and other oddities we have picked up and found online over the years. Basically, whenever we see something interesting and amazingly cheap, we buy it. We also buy a few things that aren’t cheap, but are just too gorgeous not to acquire.

This comes in very handy when you have a project that NEEDS something to finish it off. Like the one I was working on the other day. It was an off-white bag I had painted scarlet red then rubbed with black (more on that in my next post). It turned out great, but I wanted it to be FABULOUS. So Destiny and I went “embellishment shopping” in our stash.

Here’s the first thing we came up with.

beaded glass fringe for handbag

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Beaded fringe on a recent handbag

Long beaded glass fringe from I-don’t-remember-where. I vastly prefer beaded fringe with genuine glass beads because they make the BEST sound when the bump against each other or the surface you are attaching them from. This kind of trim is not cheap, but then I rarely use more than 2/3 yd to 1 yd of it.

In this case, I wanted to hang a swathe across the front of the bag and roll a short strip of it into a tassel. Of course, the swathe would need something on top to give it a finished look, so… back to the stash.

Embellishments for handbags

Destiny chose a red Murano glass heart and I picked out a black rubber ring from the hardware store. She wasn’t crazy about the rubber ring until I told her that black rubber is a very hot element in designer jewelry  these days. Then we grabbed a piece of matte black silk ribbon to string it all together.

embellishment for handbagFirst I folded over the raw ends of the ribbon on which the glass beading was mounted. Then I doubled the silk ribbon, threaded it through a dental floss threader and used that to carry the doubled ribbon down around and through the rubber ring and the heart.

dental floss threader for beading





When I got to the bottom of the rubber ring, I wrapped the silk ribbon around several times and left a loop. Finally, I fed one end of the beaded fringe through the loop of ribbon and adjusted the length. Destiny and I decided the two ends of the fringe should be long but uneven.

Here’s the entire embellishment, which I stitched onto the right side of an envelope clutch. In my next post, next week, I will show that bag — complete with paint job and elaborate embellishment!

beaded fringe embellishment


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