DYesterday morning, I was lying in bed browsing Facebook on my phone, as is my morning ritual. I always check our Sassy Feet! Facebook page to see if anyone has shared pictures with us there. People don’t do that often, but when they do it’s really worth a look.

Yesterday was precisely one of those mornings. I opened Facebook and there was a notification. When I clicked on it, I saw a picture shared with us by Angie B. and my jaw dropped! What lay before my eyes was one of the finest pair of bridal booties I’ve ever seen, They even came with an accompanying description.

DIY Bridal Boots

I got married last month. Looked ALL OVER the net in search of something unique. There is a lot of unique out there, but with crazy price tags. I have always been into crafting of all sorts, so I decided to find a pair of plain Janes that I could be creative with myself.”

“I discovered your website, found a pair of leather boots that fit the bill. Plain, well made, real leather, worn once, for sale on ebay — cheap! With the encouragement to use imagination, I purchased flat-back pearls, Swarovski crystals and glue. Sat down to a blank canvas and just started.”

“This is what I came up with. Love them lots, they were affordable and one of a kind. Just what I wanted. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

I immediately shared Angie’s shoes and info with all our Facebook fans. Since then, they have since been liked and re-shared. People also asked Angie for more information on how in the heck she did them. She gave a great response to that, too. “I wiped over them using cotton balls and rubbing alcohol so they were free of any dirt, etc. Used E6000 glue. They were only worn for an evening, but they came thru beautifully.”

What a stunning piece of wearable art, Angie! And what a perfect pair of shoes, uniquely you, to carry you down that aisle and into the next wonderful phase of your life. Margot and I are speechless with admiration!

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