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Today’s collection of pieces sent in by Sassy Feet fans ranges from simple to elaborately distressed to fabulously elegant. Whether you paint and embellish your shoes, bags, and clothes to get the color you want, bring new life to old favorites, or make a fashion statement, we’d love to see what you are up to. Send your pics along to me,

Candy resized

Sometimes the simplest changes can be the most satisfying. “I wanted to send a quick note and a picture of my “new” shoes thanks to your video!” Candy wrote. “Because I have neuromas in BOTH feet, I am extremely limited to what kinds of shoes I can wear without being in pain.  I am so thrilled to not only have these shoes in black [not pictured], but now brown as well! THANK YOU!”

One of the interesting things about these sandals is that they are made of two very different types of material, what looks like suede or faux suede and a V of stretchy fabric. The paint adheres nicely to both.

Vickie cowboy boots resized

Vickie created some kickin’ cowboy boots using Indigo, Burgundy, and Metallic Olive. Then she painted over the stitching with Metallic Copper and gave the whole boot a couple coats of Sassy Feet sealer for the extra shine.


Jill shoes from Facebook

Earlier this summer, Jill sent us this collage showing her black clogs, which she first painted all over with Metallic Bronze, then added beautifully freehand and overlapping circles in Neopaque Black. Painting the trim black added a really nice touch, too. I want to try doing this type of pattern. It looks fairly forgiving….

Abbas painted jeans resized

You need a little context to figure out what you’re seeing in these photos. Think black jeans that fit a 6’2″ crafter, laid over the arm of a chair to get their picture taken. Abbas wrote that for the pair on the left, he brushed on Metallic Silver, Lumiere’s Super Sparkle, and black fabric paint. On the right-hand pair, he used Metallic Gold, Bright Gold, Brass and black. I love that he used metallic paints to get a “distressed” look, and I bet these jeans look AMAZING on his long, long legs!


Tonya 2-001 resized

When Tonya first sent me a photo of these heels to ask a question about using glue on a tiny part of the project, I was blown away! I couldn’t figure out how she had painted such an amazing rich metallic pink. Turns out, she covered the shoes and the bottom of the bag with fabric that had the metallic pattern printed on it. Tonya is the owner of I Adore Shoes, a custom shoe company based in Mississippi.

I love the creative touches of the crystals down the heel, the charm hanging from the trim running around the top of the heel, and the faux lacing with black satin ribbon up the back of the shoe (click on the picture to enlarge it so you can see that detail).

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