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It's been way too long since we shared some of the photos of the terrific shoes, bags and even an iPad cover that our fans have been sending. As you will see below, some are simple, some are very fancy, and all are products of imagination — and determination! Next week we'll show you a second installment with some astonishing jeans and super beautiful high heels.

Lena Duffy-001 resizedLean duffy 2 resized

Lena sent us this collage of some well-loved and well-worn shoes that she color blocked and then painted with pearly white flowers and curving green vines. She said she did a base coat of Pewter then painted the big flower with Halo Violet Gold. The leaves are Metallic Olive and the white flowers are Pearl White. Then she added a little yellow on the vines and some purple on the flowers to give them more dimension. The heel is done in Metallic Bronze with a Metallic Olive half-moon trellis design that almost looks like fish scales. Finally, everything got two coats of sealer.

Nancy hepp painted ipad coverNancy wrote in to show us a project she did with a white leather iPad cover that had gotten dirty. She prepared the surface, then used Pearl Emerald paint and Swarovski crystals to transform it. She made the swirls using a technique she saw me use in an ASG class I taught years ago. Using a fan brush, she put a bit extra paint on and made the pattern by pressing the brush onto the surface. "It took extra long to dry," Nancy said, "but it was so worth the time! I think the swirls make all the difference!" (I do, too. I'm going to have to try that again myself sometime.)

Nancy's final great idea was to get some stick-on crystals already formed into her initials and use The Ultimate glue to stick them down. As she told me, "Just because the crystals come with their own glue, you don't have to use it!"

  Cherries Orchard painted leather handbag

All  this vintage Etienne Aigner shoulder bag needed, said Miss Cherries Orchard, "was a little steampunk." Thus the pith helmet, goggles and handlebar mustache! She also did something you might like to try yourself — she used the original reddish brown color of the leather as one of the main colors in her design. She painted broad stripes in what looks like True Gold, then used one coat of Pearl White with the more opaque Neopaque White for the pith helmet. I think the goggles and 'stache are Metallic Bronze. The blue piping that POPS so beautifully is done with a careful application of Pearl Blue

Vickie 2 resized

The last DIY shoes from our fans that I'll show you today (more coming next week) are from Vickie, a watercolor artist and teacher who paints shoes for herself, her granddaughters.  She emailed this note along with the photos.

"On the manmade leather zebra combat boots, I was unable to use the stencil I purchased even though it was very nice and thin. This was due to the curve of the boot. So I prepped boot with acetone and hand drew the zebra pattern, using the stencil for reference. Then I painted the stripes.  Last winter I gave them to my 13-year-old granddaughter — who hates any type of shoes or boots and only likes flip flops (we live in Michigan and you can't wear flip flop in minus 25 degree weather). She opened the box and went nuts over them!  I was happy with that one."

"I also did a couple of pairs of black Mary Janes with Crimson Lumiere and Really Red Glitter It glaze for my younger granddaughters. I bought hair bows, took the clips off the backs, and re-glued the center wrap on them. Then I sewed them on with Fireline and a leather needle. The girls love the sparkle and it does not come off on them, as some of the sparkles from their cheap store-bought glittered shoes did."

(We did not pay Vickie to say this — but our Glitter It glaze IS phenomenal!)

Tune in next week to see what a 6'2" guy did with Lumiere and two pairs of jeans, plus more shoes, shoes, shoes!

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