R-wedding redo M before and after

Big initial MI have been offline, blog-wise, for several weeks now, coping with some family health issues, but I haven't been offline shoe-wise. In fact, painting and embellishing shoes lifts my spirits a lot. Here is the first of three projects I did in the past two months.

These red Dansko sandals were what I wore to my wedding on a slightly shabby community center deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean ten years ago. Since that time they have faded and the chunkiness of their thick soles had started to turn me off.

R-wedding redo M before strap closeupWhat to do with them? My eyes were drawn to the embossing on the upper strap and I was reminded of how much fun it is to rub paint onto the textured areas of leather or faux leather. (See my article in the Autumn 2013 issue of Altered Couture for a good example.)

I also wanted to try out some new Metallic Copper stamping ink from StazOn. Those two impulses met, liked the look of each other, and set me to work on satisfying their urges.

I decided to completely change the look of the sandals by dramatically changing their color. I started by painting both the straps and the red insole with Neopaque Black. Then I took some Sunset Gold paint from the Lumiere line and rubbed it lightly over the embossing using a paint rag wrapped tightly around my index finger. 

R-wedding redo m 2 straps collage

The results you get with this technique are SUPER classy! Of course, it doesn't work perfectly the first time. I did some back and forth, rubbing and dabbing on some black in the areas that had gotten too gold, and then going back with a bit more Sunset Gold. Finally I used the tiny paint brush from our brush set and filled in a few of the depressed areas with some black details. 

R-wedding redo M tinting solesLast of all, I got out my little bottle of StazOn Metallic ink in Copper. (This is one of the few kinds of inks that will adhere to the rubbery soles you get on some Danskos and the rubber toes and soles of sneakers.)

I poured some in a little dish and got out a fan brush that I reserve for using with ink. (You can clean the brush with StazOn Stamp Cleaner, but the brush will remain a bit stiff — not good for using with Neopaque or Lumiere.)

I brushed on a couple of coats, letting it dry in between — and voila! A coppery sole to go with coppery-gold tones on the embossing.

R-wedding redo threesome.tif

  R-wedding redo M after pair

 They turned out so well that my wife, Erin, dug her wedding sandals out of the back of the closet and asked if I would re-do them. I'll show you those pics next time!

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