DOn many occasions (like here, and here, and here, and also here), Angela steen BLUE bagMargot and I have urged you to send us pictures of all your wonderful creations. We aren't kidding. We love seeing what you make. And we love SHARING what you make even more. Our creativity is sparked when we see what others have created! Check out a few of the more recent DIY designs readers have sent in.

Recently we got an email from Angela S., who took one of our S.F. Bay Area classes. She started with an olive green, — I mean olive DRAB green — Fossil clutch that was screaming for an upgrade. She chose an all-over coat of a single color, Pearl Blue  (right).

This is an excellent example of simplicity. You don't need an elaborate design or fancy pattern to upcycle your bag. Just select a color you love and start there.

*               *               *

Next we received an email from Stephany C. She told us about a well-loved pair of Uggs that had served her faithfully through quite a few Chicago winters. Sadly, they sacrificed their good looks protecting her!


Stephany writes, "I bought two jars of Glitter It! and my color ratio was 100% of the Dusty Lavender and 75% of the Gleaming Gunmetal.  I did four super thin coats and I still have tons left!!  I finished them with the recommended Sassy Feet sealer.

The resulting color matches the heel and binding PERFECTLY, and I love the muted, industrial feel that the gunmetal added. Great product too; nothing is worse than glitter clump (the kind that Mod Podge tends to create), and I had zero problems with Glitter It!  I'm confident it will hold up, too."

Stephany is 100% right — Mod Podge is NOT good for glittering shoes or sealing them! It is not flexible after it dries, so when the shoe bends, the coating of Mod Podge tends to crack.

*               *               *

The last (but nowhere near least) fan pic of the day is from Cherries Jubilee. We've published her steampunk shoes before (just type her name in the search box at the top of the page if you're interested). This time she gave her vintage Ettiene Aigner bag a little dose of steampunk.


She masked off the background so she could easily brush on wide Sunset Gold stripes. The dapper explorer she painted uses a combination of Brass, Super Copper, and Metallic Silver outlined in Black. So AWESOME!

*               *               *

I'm going to end this post the same way I end all our fan spotlights – SEND US YOUR PICTURES! Leave them on our Facebook Wall! Tweet them to us! Email them! Google+ if you have it! Anything. We want to see what you are doing. 

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