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According to our last blog, I'm supposed to be writing about how to make your DIY painted shoes look like patent leather. But we had an exciting milestone on our Sassy Feet! Facebook Page this week that I felt I HAD to share – we've reached 700 followers!

Since we hit lucky number 7 (hundred), I'm celebrating by presenting you all with a visual list of our Top Sevens. Don't forget you can click on any picture collage to view it full size!

1 - 7techniques

Our 7 Favorite Painting Techniques:(For posts about how to do any of these, search for them by name in the search box at upper left on this page.)

  1. Color Blocking
  2. Zipper Embellishments
  3. Sponging
  4. Painted Zebra Stripes
  5. Pinstripes
  6. Glitter It! Glaze
  7. Painting with a Toothpick


2 - 7 in the media

Our 7 Favorite Articles We've Had Published:

  1. Made for Walking
  2. Crocodile Mosaic
  3. Cinderella Dreams
  4. Not Your Brother's High-Tops
  5. Working Girl Boots
  6. Fandango Boots
  7. Sassy Feet! Book Review


3 - 7 wedding

Our 7 Favorite Bridal Designs:

  1. I Promise You
  2. Ivory Swirls
  3. Kaylie's Bridal Boots
  4. Delicata – Flower Girl Shoes
  5. Elope With Me – Sneakers
  6. Little VIolet – Flower Girl Shoes
  7. Summer of Love


4 - 7 outrageous

Our 7 Most Avant-Garde, Outrageous Designs:

  1. Pirate Girl Purse
  2. Glitterati
  3. Poetry in Motion
  4. Urban Valentine
  5. Christmas Boot
  6. Sponge Painted Couch
  7. Bourbon Street Beauties


5 - 7 soc media

Our 7 Most Popular Social Media Posts


6 - 7 products

Our 7 Top-Selling Products:

  1. Lumiere Paint in Crimson
  2. Sassy Feet! Essentials Kit
  3. Soft Brush Pack
  4. Lumiere Paint in Metallic Silver
  5. Sassy Feet! Acrylic Sealer
  6. Lumiere Paint – Exciter Pack with Halo Colors
  7. Neopaque Paint in Black


7 - all time faves

Last but not least – Our 7 All-Time-Favorite Designs:

  1. Practically Paisley
  2. Post-Apocalyptic Airship Captain
  3. Old Fashioned Girl booties
  4. Margot's Cowboy Boots
  5. Blue Haiku
  6. A Vintage Affair
  7. Tyger, Tyger


Thank you to all of our fans who interact with us on social media and this blog. If you haven't discovered us yet, dont forget to follow, like, pin, share, and comment on any of our social media links: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Let's see how quickly we can make it to 800!

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