DWhen I was a kid learning about clouds, rain, and refracted light, I was taught a mnemonic device as a way to remember the all the colors of the rainbow in the correct order: Roy G. Biv, which stood for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. I still remember this trick today, but the real range of colors in the world extends far beyond those seven. Experts say we can distinguish up to 10 million colors! ( I'm not learning a mnemonic device to remember all those.)

Using both lines of paint in our online storeLumiere and Neopaque, you can have 34 different colors for your shoes and bags.

If you want a pearl or metallic finish, select your colors from the Lumiere line. The "halo" colors in this series are interesting because they have tiny metallic gold bits mixed in to create the halo effect. This gold affects the appearance of the paint in different ways, depending from which angle you are looking at the painted surface.

Here's the complete list of Lumiere colors we carry. Most of them are richer — more saturated — than they appear in this photo. 


If you are looking for a bold matte finish, check out the colors in the Neopaque line. The color chips below are pretty close to the actual paint colors because they are not washed out by light reflecting off the surface, like you get with the Lumiere (which is French for light).


Do you know the really neat thing about these paints, though? They can all be mixed with each other to create amazing new colors. Mix mattes with metallics. Mix halos with pearls. Any combination you can think of will blend together smoothly and beautifully. You can darken any color with Black. You can lighten any color with White – Pearlescent OR matte! It makes for an endless supply of colors.

(Here's an important tip: If you want to darken a color, put the color on your palette first, then add small drops of black until you get the shade you want. If you want to lighten a color, put WHITE on your palette first, then add drops of the color until you get the tint you want.)

If you're really feeling sassy, we have a huge selection glitzy Glitter It! Glaze, too. Apply it like a paint, over a similar color, to add sparkle that won't crack, peel or shed. If you want to change the color of an item with the Glitter It! Glaze, apply one coat of a similar-colored paint first. The order page for Glitter It Glaze in our online store will tell you what these "background" colors should be. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.


I admit we probably couldn't make all of the 10 million different colors by mixing Lumiere and Neopaque, but it would be fun to try!

P.S. We've done several blogs in the past about mixing particular colors — here's a sampling.

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