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Destiny and I have been writing for Altered Couture magazine for seven years now — starting in their second issue! — and each time we have an article published, we post it on our website page called "As Seen In…."

There are actually 21 full-length how-to articles you can read on that page, plus some other goodies, like Destiny's story of painting a "Christmas stocking" stilletto boot and my detailed write-up on how to create your own spectator shoes. It's a goldmine of DIY info!

Here are the articles I added this week.

In the media - working girl

In the media - steampunk clutch

  In the media - hightops

If you click on any of these images, it will take you to our "As Seen In…" page.  I hope what you find there will give you with lots of ideas and technical know-how for doing your own shoes and bags — plus some welcome diversion on a cold winter's eve!

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