DIt's that time again, Faithful Readers.  I'm here to share with you another fabulous round of Sassy Feet fan creations.Today, we have (technically) three things to share that Margot and I have received via email. Boy, have you all been creative!

036-ReturnofFanShoes -  Jackie S 002

Our first fan share comes from Jackie S. She originally emailed us with a Mod Podge problem – The problem being SHE USED IT ON HER SHOES. It was cracking and she wanted to use our Sassy Feet Sealer to fix the problem. Annoyingly, you have to remove the "Podge" first, which she was able to do with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

She quickly shopped our store and got some more suitable supplies. She used them to re-create a pair of metallic heels she noticed in a magazine by applying a variegated coat of Pearl Blue and Pearl Turquoise.She went a step further and painted some gorgeous dragonflies on the backs with Metallic Bronze. The final touch was to heat-set a few crystals. WOW!

PS – There are a lot of DIY sites out there that direct you use Mod Podge to seal your shoes, but please don't. It isn't flexible and cracks almost immediately when you start walking around in your cool new shoes. 


036-ReturnofFanShoes - SusanK 001

This collection of beautifully upcycled items comes from Susan K. We met her at the Education in Textile Arts Show in Southern California last year, and she told us that once a year she and her four sisters get together and do something creative together. This year it was embellishing shoes, and bags, and fans.  It looks like they used every Lumiere color we have to offer with magnificent results!  I especially love the fans. That's an innovation I hadn't thought of!


036-ReturnofFanShoes - Vickie SLast (today) but no where near least, are these technicolor cowboy boots by Vickie S. She used Indigo, Burgundy, Metallic Olive, Metallic Copper, and a lot of planning and patience to create these. And my goodness, are they spectacular! I'd love to see what she wears with them.


That concludes another round of Fabulous Fan Shoes. I hope looking at all these crazy good designs got your creative gears turning, too. Don't forget to email us your pictures to after you make your masterpiece!

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