DIt's finally happened! After months of planning, filming, sweating, prepping, blogging, re-planning, filming some more, uploading, testing and trimming, two Sassy Shoe Designers achieved the (seemingly) impossible using an iPhone, tripod, microphone, and video server.

What am I talking about? Well, Margot and I *finally* have our first Sassy Feet Video Workshop: Sassy Feet 101 up and running! And we're offering a $3 off coupon until March 1. It's called MAIDEN VOYAGE, and you enter it on the Check Out page. Regular price is $19.95, with coupon just $16.95!


In just over an hour of instruction, you will learn all the basics, plus our personal tips and tricks, pretty much in real time. We walk you through all the steps necessary to create a beautifully painted, professional-looking pair of shoes. Along the way, we share a whole lot of the do's and don'ts we've learned in our seven years of doing shoes and bags.


The video workshop covers everything from what you need to set up your workspace to figuring out what your shoes or bag are made of so you'll know exactly how to prep them for painting.


Since our workshop is available to you online and is broken down into lessons, you can conveniently re-watch any of the steps you'd like, as many times as you'd like, 24/7.


Purchasing access to our workshop also gives you personal, one-on-one support from us in the form of a Q&A directly in the online "classroom" or via email, handy downloadable PDFs with instructions, plus access to a BONUS four-part workshop on how to GLITTER your shoes and bags.



Since this is our first Sassy Feet In-the-Workshop Production, the occasional "Oops!" or "D'oh…" can be spotted within the lessons. Rather than aim for perfection, we're giving you WYSIWYG entertainment — What You See Is What You Get! So we've left some of our boo-boos in — so you can see that even the pros make mistakes!


Most of all, we want you to get the message that YOU CAN DO THIS! After watching Sassy Feet 101, you will really understand how to get stellar, long-lasting, professional results. You will be able to create your own unique shoe and bag designs. The results will be 100% your own.


Don't forget to use our MAIDEN VOYAGE coupon for $3 off at our Online Store! Happy painting!


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