Destiny's lace bootie -010

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It's time to see what happened to this natural-leather bootie after the adventures I wrote about in the first part of the story. (See Lace on Leather? Why Not??) As you may recall, we left our intrepid heroine (the bootie, not me) with all her appropriate parts covered with lace, but still looking a bit underdressed. 

Rayon gimp closeupI almost always use some sort of cording or trim when I glue fabric to shoes, not only to hide any mistakes at the edges but to give the fabric-covered areas a more finished and intentional look. The problem was, this time I didn't have any trim in my embarrassingly large stash that was the right color.

What I did have, though, was a skein of rayon gimp thread, used for tassel-making or knitting. This thread has a cotton core and is wrapped with rayon filament, which gives it a luxurious finish. It was also the perfect off-white color. It wasn't wide enough for my purposes, but I knew it would be if I braided it. So I did.

I knotted three strands together, clamped them to my craft table and started braiding. When I had enough for both booties (I had measured the raw edges of the lace beforehand), I marked the braid for the different lengths I would need, and squeezed The Ultimate glue onto both sides at each place I marked for cutting. 

Lace booties-016

Once the glue dried, securing the braided strands together, I safely made my cuts. Then I applied the same glue to one face of my new braid and laid it onto the shoe. I used clamps or rubber bands to hold the braid in place long enough for the glue to get tacky.

Destiny's lace bootie -021

Lace booties-026

Destiny's lace bootie -017The braid created a nice finished effect… sort of.

Frankly, these booties didn't feel done yet. I consulted with Destiny and she agreed. We decided to add a little lace trim around the top edge of the bootie as a final flourish.

I cut off a long strip along the scalloped edge of the lace, then hunted out a strip of scrap leather to which I could glue it. 

Why? Because the top line of the boot was going to be subject to a lot of friction and wear, what with Destiny's foot brushing against it every time she put the boots on or took them off. So the lace strip would need to be VERY securely glued down. And the very strongest glue I know is the kind made for adhering leather to leather.

Lace booties-022

I used The Ultimate to glue the lace to the leather, then I used Barge Cement to glue the leather strip to the leather around the inside face of the top of the bootie. You can see it in position in the picture below.

Prairie Lace-006

Destiny's lace bootie -022

Lace booties-033

Here's the finished pair, looking sort of bashful….

Lace bootie collage

And here's the story, from start to finish. Hope you enjoyed the journey!

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