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DEvery year the color experts at Pantone select a color of the year. Margot blogged about last year's selection, Emerald. We weren't 100% crazy about the selection, mostly because in our minds emeralds are deeper, richer and darker than the color they called Emerald.

This year, however, we ADORE the selection – Radiant Orchid – a yummy mix of pink and purple.


Image from Pantone

RO016Sadly, our line of paints doesn't include a bottle of this crazy cool color. BUT DON'T DESPAIR! I'm here to tell you how to mix it yourself. Really? Really! One of the real reasons Margot keeps me around is that I have a built-in ability to color-match almost anything. I don't know how, but I can look at a color and see what other colors lie subtly beneath its surface. As far as color mixing goes, Radiant Orchid isn't that complex.

Start with Neopaque Magenta as your base. I used slightly less than a teaspoon in a small jar to start. Then I dropped in a decent size drip of Neopaque Violet into the jar and mixed thoroughly.  That's it. That's all I did. The Violet is very dark, so a little goes a LOOOOOOOONG way. If you don't think it's got enough purple, add more slowly and mix well after each addition.

Orchid pantone color of 2014

I found a pair of brown, faux-suede leopard peep toes that I thought would look really killer in orchid. I painted my newly crafted custom color on with a fan brush. Two coats did the trick.

COLOR MIXING PRO TIP: Mix more than you think you are going to need in a jar that you can seal tightly. Usually I am a paint miser, but in the case of custom mixes I mix a lot extra. Once you've created a color it's extremely difficult to match it if you run out. Plus, if you ever need to do any scuff repair, you'll want that mix on hand.


I whole-heartedly encourage you to experiment with color mixing. It's really satisfying and fun, not to mention it adds that little extra individuality to your design. Both Neopaque and Lumiere mix beautifully with each other. Go for it!

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