DGreetings, loyal readers! My Sassy-Senses are tingling, which means I have to share with you another edition of Shoes-By-Our-Fans! Today, I have for you the MARVELous creation of Vickie S. They should make anyone who is into Marvel Comics, or comics in general, squeal with delight. Nuts to this intro, on to the awesome-ness.

001Vickie originally emailed Margot for a little bit of guidance on how to proceed with her idea – applying comic book images her combat boots. She told Vickie that, contrary to what many other DIY blogs and magazines say, paper is a very bad embellishment for shoes. This is because it is NOT flexible or permanent, no matter what you apply it with. We do not ever recommend using paper, or Mod Podge, or the two in unison, on shoes.

"BUT, but, I have this great pattern paper and I really want to use it!" you say? Not to fear! There is a very good way to fix this problem: Use printable Inkjet fabric. We've discussed this before, so read that blog for the full details.

Vickie decided to try it. Using a scanner connected to her computer, she scanned in her comic book images, printed them out on fabric, sprayed them with a fabric protectant (like ScotchGard) and meticulously cut them out in preparation for the collage.


Next, after prepping her manmade leather boots with acetone to get a clean surface, Vickie pasted each piece of Marvel-printed fabric on to the shoes using The Ultimate glue (we recommend this when gluing fabric to manmade leather or painted leather). 

She also painted the inside of the shoe, tongue, and section behind the toe of the boot in a beautiful Pearlescent Blue. The toe cap, heel, and detachable bow (a nod to Doctor Who) she painted with Crimson. After all the paint was dry to the touch, she brushed a thin coat of Sassy Feet! Acrylic Sealer over the painted areas to give them a nice shine and some extra protection.


Here's what Vickie wrote us about her project:

They are called: "Marvelously Comical" and … the the bow is a homage to Dr. Who (you can unclip it if you prefer), as are a few small quotes. They will be in the mail to my 19-yr-old granddaughter this afternoon for her birthday. She is a huge Marvel Comics and Dr. Who fan.  She is studying to be a pastry chef and I actually found an image of Spiderman in a chef hat to use.  There was a lot of prep time in cutting the images to fit into the boot. But I enjoyed it a great deal.  Will be doing more for Christmas gifts…in other designs of course!

We say, WOW! POW! SMACK! These are certainly a great piece of graphic art!

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