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When I started "doing" shoes, I went a bit nuts stocking up on shoes to paint…. Yes, I shopped ebay for cheap second-hand shoes, and yes, I shopped Payless sales, and yes, I haunted thrift stores. But one day there was a sale at our local department store where all these genuine leather shoes were on sale for $15!! That's when I went more than a little nuts. I came home with more than 15 pairs.

Which was good, mostly. But now it is six years later and some of the shoes that I haven't yet painted are out of date. Just in case you have done the same thing and have some shoes that are no longer in style, here is one strategy for changing their look. 

Flaming glitter shoe before resized

These are the shoes I am talking about. In today's styles, the area over the toe and the side of the shoe are cut a lot lower. Heels — even straight-cut heels — are a little more curvy, too. The way I dealt with this was to let the paint job both distract from and "explain away" the cut of the shoes.

First I painted them black. Then I asked Destiny to draw flame shapes on the side, sort of like a kid's race car. My thinking was that it the flames (and a little imagination) would make shoes looking like they were speeding along at 85 mph, and the higher, flatter cut of the sides would make sense visually. See what you think.

Flaming glitter shoe in progress resized

In this pic, I have finished doing a coat of Neopaque Black paint, then painted the front of the shoe and the flames in Bright Gold, and started brushing on Antique Gold Glitter It. 

Flaming glitter shoe in progress 2 resized

Here are the finished flames, and here is the finished shoe.

Flaming glitter shoe after resized

 Flaming glitter shoes from back resized

 Next time I'll show you a couple of other examples of using glitter to hide a multitude of problems with the surface of the shoe– slight cracks, a bad paint job, an unsightly surface. You will be able to salvage a pair of old favorites and sparkle, too!

Flaming glitter shoe before and after resized

(On the other hand, think how great these glittery flames would look on the sides of stilettos….)


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