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As I mentioned last time, Destiny and I were headed to the sewing conference ETA-California this past weekend. And, of course, one of the things that's de rigeur is that we wear our own painted and/or embellished shoes. So we often find ourselves doing new designs just when we should be packing boxes….

What we were up to last week was embellishing some comfy strappy sandals  – it was going to be 85 degrees down in Southern California – that Destiny found at Payless. We both love to use zippers as embellishments, and recently I have been playing around with painting zipper tape with our luscious Lumiere colors.

Destiny zipper ruffles WIP resized

So… Destiny decided to take two lengths of black zipper tape, one with brass teeth and one with aluminum teeth, and use a grill sponge to dab on Super Copper on one side and Metallic Silver on the other.

Destiny zipper ruffles collage 2 resized

The idea was that I would do a running stitch along one edge and gather the zipper tapes into nice tight ruffles so that both colors of paint would show.  (I did a blog awhile back about how to do this — it is NOT hard and the results are cool.)

Destiny zipper ruffles after pair resized

After ruffling the zippers and tying knots so they wouldn't unruffle, I stitched them to the centerpieces on Destiny's sandals. As I stitched, I arranged the ruffles so they didn't spiral around and hide their glory.

The result? From Payless to Perfectly Comfy One-of-a-Kind Sandals suitable for a DIY shoe diva!

(For more pictures and ideas for using zipper ruffles, check out this post. To see the sandals I wore to the show, check out this post.)

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