DMargot and I relish getting new people interested in the craft we love so much. Those of you who are longtime blog visitors have read our call for photos of your DIY'd shoes and bags. We'll keep issuing those calls, too. We really love getting your pictures!

Usually, we will get an image now and again, or a couple recent project shots from a Sassy fan, but rarely are we ever lucky enough to receive NINE before and after shots at once. That is exactly what we got a couple of weeks ago!

Let me introduce you to the winner of our Sassy Feet Gung-Ho Award, Peggy S! Didn't know we had a Gung-Ho Award? Neither did we, until we received Peggy's bountiful (and beautifully explained) email. I'd love to share her before & after descriptions and creations with you all.

——– 001

The matching shoes and purse were painted for my mother. I painted the shoes for her first and she loved them so much she just had to have a purse to match!  The color is Pearl Turquoise.
I chose PEARL VIOLET for this pair simply because I love the deep rich color and I thought it was a perfect match for the lime green interior.
When I purchased this pair my original plan was to paint the wave pattern Pearl Blue and leave the body black. That changed when a client saw them and just had to have them. She wanted the body Crimson and the wave pattern Black. I must say I love the end result.
Here are a couple of pairs I did because I love multi-color! In this first pair, the original color was silver. I changed the silver to Pewter to tone them down a bit. Other colors on this pair are Metallic Russet, Halo Blue Green, Pearl Blue and Metallic Gold.   
The colors on this pair are Pearl Blue, Crimson, Pearl Violet, Citrine, and an orange I mixed. 
This pair of black shoes needed to go with a navy blue outfit. Since it is so hard to match navy, I chose Pewter and painted the trim in Metallic Bronze. My client was very happy.
The Dragon Fly purse is painted Halo Blue Gold AND Indigo.
The body of the Dotted Line purse is painted Citrine and Pearl Blue. The shoulder strap is painted Pearl Violet on the upper side and an orange I mixed myself on the underside.
Finally, the Polka Dot Closure purse is painted Metallic Russet with the same color polka dots on the original black.
Wow, Peggy! Amazingly ambitious and wonderful. Photos like these are always an inspiration. It makes me want to break out the paints and paint a pair of shoes right now.
PS: Can you tell me how you got that really wonderful ORANGE color!? I've never been able to mix a nice orange and I'm the Sassy Feet color whiz!


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