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Every so often Destiny and I fall in love with a new color of glitter. So we buy a little, apply it to some shoes and/or bags and see how it looks. The experiment isn't always successful, but when it is, WOW!

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[SOUND OF TRUMPETS!!] Today we are announcing three new colors of Glitter It! Glaze — Moss Green, Juicy Watermelon and Gleaming Gunmetal. Like our other Glitter It! colors, these glitter glazes are permanent and non-shedding, and can be applied to leather, manmade leather or fabric. If you use them on clothing, you can put your items in the washer and dryer, no problem.

Sweet slice collage resized

You may remember seeing the Moss Green and Juicy Watermelon last year when I blogged about creating a clutch called "Sweet Slice."  

Watermelon glitter shoe

Moss glitter slide from video_003

Glasses case evening bag-cropped

Then last summer I blogged about creating a little evening bag out of a hard-sided eyeglasses case using gunmetal-colored glitter from Angelus. We loved the color, but didn't like how it formed clumps on the surface. Now we have created our own Gleaming Gunmetal Glitter It! Glaze in the same luscious and elegant shade.

Gunmetal collage

 This is a perfect neutral for evenings out — or sparkling up your hightops! 

You will find these new colors in our online store, along with a chart showing what paint to use as an undercoat if the shoe or bag (or blouse or wallet or…) is a drastically different color from the glitter you want to apply. Also, when we ship an order of Glitter It! Glaze, we tuck a little how-to sheet in the package to explain the best way to apply and seal it. 


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