DVD- iPhone filming setup

We are filming our DVD using my iPhone, believe it or not. The quality is amazing.

Big initial M Destiny and I have finally embarked on a long-dreamt-of project, making a DVD about how to paint and glitter shoes and bags! We are "filming" it in our studio, which, being a sunroom on the back of my house, has lots of natural light.  

I thought I'd show you just a few outtakes from our work in progress, which is the first in a series we are calling Sassy Feet Video Workshops. It will be available in the Sassy Feet store in mid-October, if our stars don't go all Hollywood on us and start asking for things like their own wardrobe mistresses and residuals.

DVD- Destiny how to color block

Destiny shows how to color block a platform heel
DVD- sponged shoes comparison

I show the difference between two of the shoes I sponged during the video. The slide on the left was sea-sponged, the flat on the right was synthetic-sponged. We are going to start offering sponging kits in our store when the DVD comes out.
DVD- Destiny how to glitter

Destiny demonstrates how to apply the first coat of glitter. She shows how to gently pat it on, not brush it on in long strokes.

Destiny during DVD filming

For any of you who want to do your own filming, here is the technical info on the "camera" and microphone we are using.

Excuse me now, I have to go buy giant sunglasses and skin-tight leopard skin pants so I'm ready when a big Hollywood agent calls to ask us to take a meeting….

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