CoCo men's patent leather before A battered pair of men’s patent leather formal shoes, yearning for new life 

Big initial M We have more fun stuff to show you from our weekend earlier this month at Costume College (held annually by Costumer’s Guild West). First is a well-worn pair of men’s genuine patent leather dress shoes that arrived at our vendor booth late on the last day of the show. One of the volunteers who had been running their sale room, where they sell — very cheaply — costume items donated for the benefit of the guild — dashed up to us, held out a muslin bag, and said, “Want these?” We took a look and said yes!

This is the first of the two “previously loved” pairs we inherited. Having a “throwaway” pair of shoes gave me the chance to do some fearless experimenting, so I continued my efforts to find a really shiny black glitter. (I wrote about another black glitter experiment last month.)

CoCo men's patent leather glitter toe closeupTim Holtz of mixed-media fame just came out with something he calls Distress Glitter, and his products are usually excellent, so I bought a bottle in a color called Black Soot.

I mixed it into our Glitter It Glaze clear base to make my own black glitter glaze. Then I prepped the surface of the toe of the shoe by rubbing it with rubbing alcohol, let it dry, and started patting on the glitter glaze.

I applied a couple of coats and afterwards sealed it with our shiny sealer. The results? Okay, not fabulous. But I kept  working on the shoe.

I decided to leave some parts of the patent leather showing (trim and heels) and painted the rest of the shoe in a beautiful dark blue called Indigo.

CoCo men's patent leather glitter after side

CoCo men's patent leather glitter pair Even I was surprised by how beautifully it turned out. (I’m still looking for a truly SPARKLY black glitter, and all suggestions are welcome!)

The second project I want to show you from Costume College was done by a fearless young woman named Ann who stopped by our booth about 4 p.m. on Saturday. She talked to Destiny about wanting to make a leather bag look old and worn — it was Ann marie's pirate gunpowder bag before to be part of her pirate costume for the evening event — starting in two hours!

Destiny told her how to rub on Neopaque Black to get the effect she wanted. She bought a bottle, we lent her our bottle of rubbing alcohol to prep her bag, and off she went!

Ann marie pirate gunpowder bag AFTERThe next day she came back to show us the results. She now had a genuine old and battered looking bag for holding the gunpowder for her pirate pistol.

We were super impressed — especially since she’d never even heard of painting leather before she discovered our booth. Kudos to Ann!

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