Big initial MSeveral days ago I blogged about a private class I taught where my students challenged me to take the bag I was using to demonstrate various painting techniques (above, lower left), and turn it into something beautiful — and to do so during the class. Talk about pressure!

The first thing I had to do was get some solid-color paint over all that visually chaotic pale pink (the original color of the bag), green and black. So I painted the left half of the bag Neopaque Black and the right half Sunset Gold, using the seam line as a guide.

Margot WIP purseThen it seemed like the easiest thing to do — given that I was hopping up and down every few minutes to answer questions, explain something, offer opinions and encouragement — was to use a George Foreman sponge to sponge the gold over the black and vice versa. This picture shows what the bag looked like at the end of class — quite a respectable job!  

But there was still a long way to go. There were the sides, the back, the strap and some sort of embellishment to consider! I kept using the gold and black theme for painting and sponging, then added a black chain (woven with gold rattail cord) and coppery fish beads for the zipper pull and a dangly thing (that's a technical term) at the side.  Here's the story in pictures. 

Gold and black sponged bag-003 resized

Gold and black sponged bag-007 resized


Gold and black sponged bag- side views collage

 I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I had seen that trick of weaving cord or ribbon in and out of the chain strap of a shoulder bag somewhere and I loved how it looked when I got done. Made the chain look a lot more classy, too.

If anything in this little photo how-to isn't clear, just ask. We LOVE to get questions!

P.S. An explanation on doing this kind of sponging is on an earlier blog.

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