Instyleheader DI was browsing through InStyle’s August 2013 Issue and found myself glued to their fall shoe guide. Many, many glossy pages full of shoe lovers’ eye candy. But, as I turned pages and salivated, I also found myself thinking “We’ve made something similar to that!” or “I can make one of those!” And I thought our fashionista DIY readers would want to know.

MagScans_0003Animal prints are almost always in style, and this fall is no exception. They are a bold statement that will add pop to your outfit, which is why they rarely go out of fashion. This year they are showing up in metallics and other variations, too.

Instead of buying a pair of luxe designer shoes (the ones on this page range from $100 to almost $1,000), use Margot’s trick. She did her own modified version of leopard print heels. All she needed was Pearl Magenta Lumiere paint and a length of patterned, wide chiffon ribbon.

She painted a narrow line around the throat of the shoe with a couple coats of Pearl Magenta, then used a rag to rub a thin coat of the same paint on the rest of the shoe. This tinted the print and made it a coral-ie pink. (PRO TIP: The Lumiere paints can be diluted up to 25% without losing their ability to stick to your shoes and bags.)

The added ribbon strap is done without any stitching. She slid the cut ends of the ribbon into wide silver beads, looped it around the body of the shoe, and twisted it up the calf. EASY!

1Animalprintheels ——–

MagScans_0004Pointy toes are another “what’s old is new again” style for shoes this fall. Whether or not women actually like the style seems to be a loathe/love debate — no lukewarm opinions! After watching years and years of What Not to Wear on TLC, I know that the reason why pointed toes are always in style is that they visually extend the line of your legs. It’s an optical illusion that makes you appear a little longer and leaner.

The twist this fall is that you will find them on flats, as well as kitten heels and higher. We recently created a pair of pointy-toe flats for our good friend Debra Jurey, an astonishing beading and jewelry artist. The originals were shocking pink, which Debra thought was a great idea when she bought them, but….

Using a sea sponge, we sponged layers of Sunset Gold, Super Copper, Metallic Bronze, and Metallic Rust. We stitched a gathered zipper embellishment onto each shoe using Crystal Fireline and a leather needle.

2poitytoeflats01 ——–

MagScans_0005I love a strappy sandal. They are sexy and funky. They are not utilitarian like the pointed toe, they are just cool. Pure fashion, no real function. Here InStyle points to the strappy sandal as a fall trend, but I couldn’t help notice that all the shoes they showed were also metallic. That helped me narrow down our selection of strappy creations to show you.

First we have Margot’s famous Gold Standard design, which is her adaptation of a classic Ferragamo creation. She painted the shoe Bright Gold, then hung a waterfall of fine gold-tone chain from the strap. Attaching the chain waterfall was an engineering challenge.

Below that is a sandal where she painted each strap a different metallic: Bright Gold, Metallic Bronze, Sunset Gold, Halo Violet Gold, and Super Copper. The ankle strap is Halo Violet Gold and Metallic Bronze. The footbed is Super Copper, and the heel is Halo Violet Gold.

After all the paint dried, Margot stitched on various bead and baubles using Crystal Fireline and a Dritz leather needle.

3strappysandals ——–

MagScans_0006White pumps aren’t just for brides anymore! The most common place to see a white pump has always been walking down the aisle. That changes this fall. Apparently this year the Fashion Police will let us wear white pumps after Labor Day.

Our version of a white pump is a little unconventional, but it’s extremely easy to replicate. All we did was attach some ivory ruffled ribbon around the throat of the shoe using a thinly squeezed line of Fabritac glue, and clamping it every couple inches until it dried.

The purchased fabric roses were stitched onto the toe with Crystal Fireline and a Dritz Leather Needle. Each rose is topped with a Swarovski crystal bead, which we glued on with Gemtac as add the finishing touch.

PRO TIP: Any canvas, leather or man-made leather pump can become a white pump by painting on a few coats of Pearl White with a soft fan brush.

4whitepumps ——–

I really like creating trendy copy-cat designs. It’s satiates my inner artist, as well as my inner cheap-o. Well, let’s call it bargain hunter. Plus, when people compliment me on my cool shoes, I get to surprise and impress them when I tell them I did them myself. It’s a very rewarding feeling!

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