DMy last blog was all about my crazy-birthday-stash-grab-a-thon gift from my creative partner-in-crime, Margot. I skipped away with an overflowing amount of booty, which included some hand-crafted, stacked embellishments we made for embellishing shoes and handbags. We would take them to shows and classes, but we discovered our passion for making these things outstripped our students’ need to buy them!

So we converted the most striking ones into pendants, using two colors of hand-dyed silk cording. Anyway, during my free-for-all, I took the opportunity to grab a few of my favorites. I’m so selfish, I know. But Margot didn’t even wince. Well, we had both created them!


Three of the pendants, hung from silk cords

I knew I didn’t want to keep the silk cords because they weren’t quite jazzy enough for me. But I, myself, am no jewelry magician. I can put beads on a string, but that is about where the talent stops. I really needed someone’s help on this endeavor. It just so happens I know a woman who has a sharp, keen eye for making necklaces. I wrote her and asked her if she had some time to bring these pendants into their own. She said she did and I shipped them off to her in North Carolina.

Alexandra Smith is the mastermind behind Rock Water Jewelry, an etsy shop full of her elegant creations. I’ve seen the great color and texture combinations she’s created in her work. Plus, I have a number of her pieces already, so I knew she would knock these out of the park. I didn’t even give her direction or tell her what I wanted to see. She knows the length I like (19-20″ or so), and I left them in her capable hands. When I got them back, she not only matched our pendants perfectly, she exceeded my expectations. 100% gorgeous!


When Alexandra emailed me pictures to see if I liked what she had done, my jaw dropped. All those strands, all those shapes, all those colors! Perfectly matched and in the perfect amounts. I had to share them here because she really brought our designs to life. Sassy Feet! and Rock Water Jewelry sure do make an A+ team!


P.S. Alexandra is currently running a buy one, get one free promotion on her etsy shop. If you see something you like, snatch it up – and know you’re supporting a wonderful craftswoman in the process.

P.P.S. Margot just pointed out that this is our 200th post! Hurrah for us!!!

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