Glasses case collage resized

Big initial MErin came home from the eye doctor’s recently with a new pair of glasses — and a cool, hardsided leather glasses case by Liz Claiborne (also available on ebay). She didn’t want the case, so I grabbed it to turn into a little cellphone-credit-card-and-lipstick bag for evenings out.

Glasses case evening bag resizedIt was an unusual shape, sort of what I’d call an oval, except ovals are two-dimensional. I started by cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol, then brushed on two coats of Lumiere’s Pewter paint. The results were okay, but I had much more in mind.

Glasses case evening bag-001 resized AGlasses case evening bag-002 resizedfter letting the paint dry three days (so it had time to fully cure), I taped off “stripes” using painters tape. Then I applied a new type of glitter paint I had been wanting to try. It’s called Glitterlites by Angelus, and it’s the only glitter paint (other than our fabulous Glitter It Glaze) that’s made to adhere to leather. I chose their Gunmetal color, followed the directions and applied a couple of coats.

Glasses case evening bag-004 resized

Once it had time to dry, I peeled off the tape.  The stripes looked great, but I have to say that the Glitterlites came out a little bumpy and some of the sparkles came off as I used the bag, neither of which happens with Glitter It. (I think they may be using too much glitter for the amount of paint base. Next time I want glitter this color, I will buy some from Art Glitter Institute and mix it into our Glitter It Glaze paint base.)

I finished up by sealing the Glitterlite with Pledge with Future.

Glasses case evening bag-005 resized

Then for the MOST FUN part! I had ordered a narrow (1/2″) strip of chain maille, a yard long, to use for the shoulder strap, plus slightly rounded-tip screw-in spikes for attaching it to the sides of the bag. The chain maille came from The Ring Lord and the screw-in spikes I found on etsy.

Glasses case evening bag-007 resized I drilled two holes in each side of the bag and screwed on the chain maille strap. It didn’t work! The screws were not long enough to allow for the width of the bag…. Off to the hardware store, where I couldn’t find a machine screw that fit perfectly into the spike, but I found some that were close, so I took them home, fit them in place and used E6000 to glue them together. Hurrah for workarounds!

I am happy with the result, except for the bumpy glitter — but I am probably the only one (besides Destiny) who will notice it!

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