Saratoga final collage resized

Big initial MLast month a group of talented and lively women asked me to give a private class for them in a lush and shady backyard. It was such a treat! I wanted to share with you a couple of the photos folks managed to take — when they could remember to put down their paintbrushes and pick up their camera/iPad/cell phone.

At the top of this page are Diane and Joy. Diane is showing a pair of flats that had suede inserts, which she masked off with blue painters tape. Below her, Joy is holding the knapsack-like bag she is about to start sea-sponging with Metallic Rust and Black. The shoe with the smiley face is also Diane’s. She’s a teacher and she thought her kids would get a kick out of it.

Mo collage resizedMo painted a pair of sandals in Pearlescent Emerald, then put tiny dots on the edges of the straps using Grape and a Colour Shaper brush of mine. (I LOVE having special brushes for things, and this one makes perfect polka dots. See our post about it.)

Linda collage resizedLinda brought an old natural-leather purse with little flowers on it — it looked like one I carried in the ’70s — and painted it Metallic Green and Metallic Bronze with (I think) Metallic Russet highlights.

Emily collage resized

Emily, who hosted the shoe-painting party, worked on a pair of old cowboy boots, highlighting certain areas in Metallic Bronze. Don’t know if you can make this out in the photos above, but she decided to reverse the highlighted areas on the front and the back. I’m going to try that sometime! I have done a cowboy-boot color change using different right and left sides of the boot, but this idea is even slicker!

Karen collage resizedKaren started with a very plain black slip-on, and sponged it with a George Foreman Grill Sponge using layer after layer of color until it turned magical! The cool thing about the Foreman sponge is that you get tiny little dots of color and the points always stay crisp no matter how long you use it. These shoes get my vote for Most Improved!

Suzi York collage resizedAnd last — but SO not least, is Suzi, who organized the whole event. The photos don’t do her sandals justice — they turned out spectacular. The sandals started out black. She painted them with Indigo, allowing some of the original black to show through. Then she sponged them with Super Copper and added the sodalite-donut-and-big-fish embellishment,which I made awhile back.

Thanks to everyone in the class — as usual, I learned as much as I taught. And it was so much fun to see you take this new craft and run with it!

P.S. After I did a demo during the class of how to brush on paint (Metallic Green) and sponge on paint (Black), using an old pink leather purse, the ladies challenged me to finish it during class so they could see if I could actually do what I was teaching! Hah!

Margot WIP purse Margot before purseHere’s the after-demo-but-before-painting photo (taken in the dappled shade, unfortunately). Yes, it looks pretty hopeless! Next to it is the picture of the bag after a first pass of painting and George Foreman Grill Sponging.

Next week I’ll post the finished bag, which is now painted all over, and has a new strap and some cool beaded dangly things. Stay tuned!

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