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Green leopard collage

Big initial MYup, today is my birthday, and I have decided to celebrate by showing you my favorite shoes and bags — that is, the ones I have created for myself that I like best. There have been some I’ve done for myself that I didn’t like that much — inevitable, when you are learning and experimenting. Those I give away or even throw out if they’re especially bad. The ones I’m happiest with are here. Click on the shoe’s name (WHAT? You don’t NAME your shoes??) to see the “before” picture and read the blog post about how I created them.

The first are some of my most outrageous, pictured above. They are called Green With Envy.And yes, they are rather hard to walk in!

PenWag silde-4a

These were the first shoes I painted, back in 2006. I call them Gypsy Summer.

With bells on before

With Bells On

I call these sandals With Bells On, and while I’ve never blogged about them, the information about how they were done is in both editions of our Sassy Feet book.

Cowboy boot after both If you don’t know, I LOVE cowboy boots. It’s not in my DNA or anything — I grew up outside Philadelphia for heavens sake. But they are just so cool! These are called — wait for it — Margot’s cowboy boots. Skyline wedge after 72 dpi

These are my Skyine Wedges, my first attempt at both suede dying and leather collage.

Unzipped after higher @ 72 dpi I LOVE using zippers as embellishments. These slip-ons are pretty much my everyday shoes in winter. They are called Coming Unzipped.

Margot's purse after at 72dpi

I love the effect of layer after layer of luminous Lumiere paints, in this case applied with swipes and swirls of a cosmetic sponge. This is just called “My New Purse.”

Sweet slice collage resized

Every time I look at this bag it makes me smile! I think the little kid in me just loves the idea of a watermelon purse with shiny black seeds. It’s called Sweet Slice.

That’s it! (Actually, there are several more “favorites” I’d like to show you, but Erin and Destiny are waiting to leave on our birthday adventure (featuring minature horses, ostriches, my favorite fabric store (Betty’s in Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo, CA), and beef ribs). Ain’t birthdays great?

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