D2013 has opened the door for bling and glitz EVERYWHERE, even in nuptials. Bridal Guide Magazine posted the following on this year’s Wedding Trends:

2013 is putting on the glitz! “It’s a move towards sophistication,” says Alyssa Brown of Alison Events in San Francisco, the planners behind actor Seth Rogen’s recent nuptials. “For example, we’re planning an outdoor event right now, but there’s crystal on the table, and gold silverware and chargers,” Alyssa explains. “And black tie is playing a huge role right now. It’s full-length gowns for everybody!”

It turns out I have a couple glitz bridal designs up my sleeve. So if you don’t have an A-list actor’s wedding budget, you might be able to get some great DIY ideas here.


ZfabritacOn a bride’s special day, she wants to feel like Center Stage, which, conveniently, is where I got the inspiration for these simple, yet elegant, satin pumps. This design is pretty easy to achieve. I glued a dainty white ruffled trim to the inside of the throat of the shoe using Fabritac, clamping it down as I went.

I used another thin line of Fabritac and clamps to adhere the pink and white trim to around the outside of the throat. I traced the insoles on the wrong side of a piece of Kaffe Fasset fabric and cut out the traced shapes. I used adhered the fabric to the insoles with Fabritac and put them back in the pumps.

Last, I glued three wired organza leaves to the toe of each shoe, Zfireline Znew needles for store and stitched a dazzling, pink Swarovski crystal in the center using some Crystal Fireline and a leather needle (the embellishment had an Ultrasuede backing). PRO TIP: When stitching on embellishments, quadruple your thread so you can take fewer stitches. Also, be sure and put your knot on the OUTSIDE of the shoe, but behind the embellishment. If your knot is inside, you will surely feel it.


For the fearless bride willing to be a little bolder, there’s Splendeur d’Or (Golden Splendor). If your shoe isn’t already gold in color, you need to apply one, or two, coats of Brass or Bright Gold Lumiere Paint. Once the paint has dried, gently pat on two coats of Pale Gold Glitter It! Glaze with your fan brush.

The trickiest part of this design is the topaz crystal cup chain mesh. And, I have to admit, Margot did this portion for me. I was still a shoe design greenhorn and convinced I didn’t know how to wield a sewing needle (big fat “false”). Using Crystal Fireline and a leather needle, she carefully stitched through the loops of the chain and into the side of the shoe. She admits it took awhile!

Spring and summer are big-time wedding seasons. And, if you are in the midst of planning and preparing for your big day, think about the role of your bridal shoes. They will be carrying you down the aisle and into the next phase of your life. Why shouldn’ they be one-of-a-kind, personal, beautiful and 100% YOU?!

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