Duct tape handbag-001 resized DI’m back with one more duct tape update ALL STEPS(See Vols. 1 & 2 to catch up). I used shiny chrome duct tape on my shoes, and it hasn’t budged since the little re-do I mentioned. I also mentioned that I’d gotten a roll of houndstooth duct tape, but was afraid to use it on my shoes. Well, I faced my fear and let the sticky strips fly — onto a handbag.

In this bag, each “V” line is a compartment flap that fastens with a snap. That made this project extremely easy to do. I started on the outside edges, laying a strip of houndstooth tape at each end. I used a razor blade to delicately trim the torn edges of the tape where it met the back.

Duct tape handbag-005 resized

Next, I laid black duct tape strips next to the houndstooth. Then I did another swathe of houndstooth. Then down the center I laid a contrasting strip of chrome, slightly overlapping the adjacent houndstooth strips and making them look narrower.

I didn’t worry about neatness under the flap, but that is an easy thing to “finish” if you so desire. Lastly I ran a two strips of Chrome along the edge of the second flap. This peeks out when the flaps are closed and adds a little extra pop.

I’m exceedingly pleased with the results of test 3. Purses seem to make MUCH better Duct Tape Candidates. If you dare to try this technique, please don’t hesitate to send us your creations and a few sentences about them. I’d love to write a blog on what you come up with!

Duct tape handbag resized

By the way, this hardly took any time at all!


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